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Astral Dynamics (Revised)
The Complete Book of Out-of-Body Experiences

CDN Retail: $35.95
Product Code: 9781571746160
Author: Bruce, Robert
Vendor: Hampton Roads


  Astral projection is a technique that lets your soul explore the universe while leaving your body behind. It has been a topic of endless speculation. If you have ever wanted to try it, Astral Dynamics is the perfect guide for you.

Astral Dynamics will teach you everything you need to know to accomplish successful out-of-body travel. It explores the physics of the non-physical world and provides useful advice for astral travelers, including how to exit the body, how to get around on the astral plane, and how to get back to your body with solid memories of the event. The guide is written in plain language with common-sense terminology.

Robert Bruce brings his twenty-five years of interdimensional experience to the aid of astral travelers around the world.