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House that Love Built
The Story of Linda & Millard Fuller, Founders of Habitat for Humanity and the Fuller Center for Housing

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Product Code: 9781571745460
Author: Youngs, Bettie
Vendor: Hampton Roads


  After pursuing their lifelong belief that every person deserves a "simple, decent place to live", Linda and Millard Fuller found themselves locked out of the Habitat for Humanity organization that they founded. Pending legal action forced them to remain silent. Now in The House That Love Built, the true story is told of how a dedicated, charismatic leader, who attracted people like President Jimmy Carter to his cause and raised millions of dollars, was wrongly accused of sexual misconduct and pushed aside by a Board with a new agenda for Habitat.

Millard and Linda FullerÆs story inspires entrepreneurial spirit starting a business from a simple idea and Christian spirit-sacrificing material success for making the world a better place. AmericaÆs largest non-profit foundation Habitat for Humanity includes 1700 affiliates and two million people: during 30 years, hundreds of thousands of volunteers, donors and activists together built 200,000 homes.

Youngs unravels the nationally publicized controversy in eloquent, compelling detail, including the sexual misconduct accusation and ensuing corporate "takeover". She demonstrates the power of unproven allegations and how they can be used to serve the purposes of whoever wields the power. The book inspires you to believe that you can make a difference in the world by donating a little time to a home-building project. Nothing appeals to readers more than the intrigue of controversy and the compassion of helping people. The House That Love Built has both.