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Market Your Genius (August 2021)
How to Generate New Leads, Get Dream Customers, and Create a Loyal Community

CDN Retail: $22.99
Product Code: 9781401961558
Author: Nash, Nikki
Vendor: Hay House



Are you an entrepreneur who knows that your business offers something that people need, but you have been struggling to get out your message successfully? Have you turned your experience and expertise into a business and are seeking guidance for yielding a sustainable profit?

Nikki Nash, founder and CEO of Market Your Genius, provides a step-by-step guide for maximizing your platform to turn your personality-led business into a profitable venture. Nash delves into the three key steps for this essential pillar:

  • Building your business foundation
  • Designing your marketing funnel
  • Turning your fans into advocates, referral partners, and clients for life

Through client stories and laying out the frameworks for implementation processes and systems, Nash provides the tools you need to build your personalized marketing plan with the mindset and accountability system that will help to ensure that you achieve both short- and long-term success.