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Living Grieving (July 2021)
Using Energy Medicine to Alchemize Grief and Loss

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Product Code: 9781401963446
Author: Johnson, Karen V.
Vendor: Hay House



Before Karen experienced grieving for herself, it never occurred to her to see grief as a journey of transformation, or to find the blessings of the grieving process, or to allow herself to grow into the state of living with the wisdom of grief. She had to figure it out by herself. It was a lonely path of self-discovery that was not mainstream and not accepted.

The book is structured around practices that are part of the Four Winds Medicine Wheel as developed by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. In each chapter, Karen blends her personal story and meaningful experiences with each direction of the Medicine Wheel, offering exercises related to each of the four practices. These exercises are stillness meditations guiding the reader to answer questions related to each practice with radical honesty - meaning no holds barred, nothing held back. The answers are then taken to fire and burned as a shamanic path to rapid transformation.