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Law of Positivism (June 2021)
Live a Life of Higher Vibrations, Love and Gratitude

CDN Retail: $23.99
Product Code: 9781401962777
Author: Oberg, Shereen
Vendor: Hay House



In this empowering book, Shereen öberg dives deep into how we can create more positivity in our lives, releasing fears, worries and negative emotions in order to raise our vibration and reach a state of inner gratitude and abundance.

Shereen's aim is to raise the collective vibration of the world through her teachings. She shows us how to raise our own vibration, feeding the world with positivity - something that is needed more than ever during an unstable time of worldwide healing and recovery.

Through Shereen's well-established Law of Positivism philosophy, she will demonstrate that deep healing and transformation come from giving attention to past wounds and traumas to truly come to terms with who we are and find the ultimate self-love and acceptance. In the pages of this powerful guide, you will learn:

  • How to cultivate healthy, meaningful relationships
  • The ways that you can heal your wounds from the past
  • How to stop having negative thoughts about yourself and your life
  • The art of creating healthy boundaries
  • How to reverse any negative programming that has hurt your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual health

The Law of Positivism will teach you how to fully blossom into the positive, free, blissful soul you were born to be!