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Mastering the Art of Public Speaking (September 2020)
8 Secrets to Overcome Fear and Supercharge Your Career

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Author: Gleb, Michael J.
Vendor: New World Library



Glossophobia is the technical term for the fear of public speaking, and according to the National Institute of Mental Health, 74 percent of Americans suffer from it. In fact, many top professional speakers and accomplished actors experience butterflies in the stomach before presenting. They never eliminate the butterflies; they just teach them how to fly in formation. How?

Michael Gelb's techniques help readers clarify what they want to say and why they want to say it. Gelb helps them zero in on their message and why their audience - no matter how big or small - should care about it. Once the message is razor-sharp, he teaches how to convey it in memorable, effective ways. Gelb shows that public speaking is a skill anyone can learn and enjoy. As babies we were naturally expressive and engaging, even charismatic. Mastering the Art of Public Speaking guides readers to rediscover their natural gift for communication while strengthening confidence and presence.