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Journey of Soul Initiation (January 2021)
A Field Guide for Visionaries, Revolutionaries, and

CDN Retail: $32.00
Product Code: 9781608687015
Author: Plotkin, Bill
Vendor: New World Library



As cosmologist Brian Thomas Swimme writes, Bill Plotkin lives "in the creative universe as articulated by quantum physics, indigenous traditions, and evolutionary cosmology." While this might sound esoteric, Plotkin is anything but. He has devoted his life to guiding individuals to discover their soul's purpose - their unique niche in the Earth community. Here, in a culmination of his life's work, Plotkin describes for the first time the five phases of the descent to soul. Stories of those who have undertaken the journey illuminate the process, which includes the dissolution of earlier identity, the revelation of destiny or mythopoetic identity, and the subsequent metamorphosis of the ego into that of an initiated adult. Readers need not be familiar with Plotkin's previous works to benefit from this revolutionary, phase-by-phase guidance through the lost journey of soul initiation, a journey that can transform individuals and cultures - and, ultimately, our planet.