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Ancestral Healing Made Easy (August 2021)
How to Resolve Ancestral Patterns and Honour Your Family History

CDN Retail: $21.99
Product Code: 9781401960674
Author: O'sullivan, Terry
Vendor: Hay House



Practical entry-level handbook on how to identify old family wounds, communicate with your ancestral guides, heal your lineage, and achieve wellbeing for yourself, your loved ones, and future generations. In healing our family's trauma, we pave the way for future generations to find freedom and happiness. For many people, family relationships are the most complex and painful in their lives. Wounds run deep and secrets are sometimes kept for generations. Modern research suggests that ancestral trauma can affect us on a physical and psychological level, even when we do not know when the trauma first occurred. In this book, they have distilled the many practices, rituals, exercises, and meditations they apply with their own clients so that you can work with your inheritance to embrace what is positive in your family history and heal what is negative. In this book, you will:

  • understand how unresolved ancestral wounds can impact your life and your family members
  • be aware of how healing and rescuing your ancestors can improve your overall wellbeing
  • know how to celebrate your ancestors through different cultural and religious practices
  • have a selection of rituals that you can use to heal and honor your ancestors, improve your own life, and set future generations free of their ancestral trauma
  • know how to communicate with, and welcome your ancestral guides