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Repair Revolution (November 2020)
How Fixers Are Transforming Our Throwaway Culture

CDN Retail: $24.50
Product Code: 9781608686605
Author: Wackman, John
Vendor: New World Library



Every year, millions of people throw away clothes, furniture, computers, appliances, and countless other items that get broken through natural wear and tear, simply because they lack the know-how to fix them. It's just more convenient to buy new stuff. This throwaway lifestyle depletes Earth's resources and adds to overflowing landfills. Although our society accepts frivolous waste as normal, there is a better way. Repair Revolution chronicles the rise of repair cafes: nonprofit, volunteer organizations devoted to repairing electronics and household items for free.

Repair Revolution explores the philosophy and wisdom of repairing, as well as the rising "Right to Repair movement". It finishes with the practical details: online resources, fixes for common product malfunctions, and tips for founding your own repair cafe. Ultimately,Repair Revolution is about more than fixing material objects: in an age of overconsumption and planned obsolescence, do-it-yourself repair is a way of caring for our lives, our communities, and our planet.