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Surrender (June 2021)
Break Free of the Past, Realize Your Power, Live Beyond Your Story

CDN Retail: $22.99
Product Code: 9781401959852
Author: Clinch, Nicky
Vendor: Hay House



Surrenderis a book that will guide you back home to yourself. In an age where we all too easily spend our days comparing ourselves to strangers on the internet, this book will create a surge in self-worth, self-confidence, and self-acceptance that will permeate all levels of society and create a real paradigm shift. Transformational coach Nicky Clinch guides you on a heart-centering journey to heal you to your very core, from your anxiety to the deep-seated limiting beliefs that you have held all your life. Through the themes of honor, love, showing up, courage, and trust, you'll go on a journey to discover:

  • how to step into your own power, set boundaries, and take responsibility for your life
  • who you really are without limiting beliefs and outside validation
  • how to be soft and strong, vulnerable and self-empowered
  • practical self-care tools to show up for yourself and nurture your soul, including Earth's Energy Breathing, self-awareness scanning exercises, journaling prompts, and taking yourself on a date!

Surrender is the ultimate spiritual lifestyle manual for worried, weary, overworked women everywhere who have been searching outside of themselves for answers and who desire a deeper connection to themselves and the world - as well as a sense of freedom and inner peace.