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I Ching, Or Book of Changes New Edition
A Guide to Life's Turning Points

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Product Code: 9781250209054
Author: Walker, Brian
Vendor: St Martins



Brian Browne Walker's translation of I Ching has been not only the bestselling English rendition of the classic Taoist text, but one of the few directly translated from the original text. The result is a modern classic on it's own, now in a beautiful new edition.

The I Ching or Book of Changes has been consulted for sage advice at life's turning points. This Chinese oracle will help to promote success and good fortune and to impart balance and perspective to your life. Its everlasting popularity lies in the lessons that it teaches about how to use your positive qualities in order to attain life's greatest rewards-prosperity, understanding, and peace of mind.

Brian Browne Walker's highly accessible translation is clear and direct, allows you to make the wisdom of the ancient Chinese sages your own. Brian Browne Walker has studied the Chinese language for twelve years, and has studied and practiced Taoist philosophy with a number of teachers in the United States and abroad.

This translation's easy-to-use format and contemporary language has made it one of the standards, delighting new users and long time practitioners as well.