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spacer Do I Have To Pay For My Order On-Line?

We do not accept payment through our web site. Your order will be paid in accordance with your normal terms. We now accept electronic payments as well as credit cards and cheques. See payment options here.

I Can't See The Site Properly

Our website is optimised for Firefox and Internet Explorer versions 7 or higher. It may not display properly in other browsers such as Chrome or Safari. Please contact us if you are experiencing problems.

How Do I Use The Search Feature?

You can search for:

  • An ISBN-10 or ISBN-13 (no-dashes)
  • An author name, as you would think of it e.g. "Eckhart Tolle"
  • Something you are looking for e.g. "Louise Hay meditations" or "tuning forks"

What Do The Icons Mean After A Title?

The Legend at the top of the page will indicate whether there is an image of the product or a description of it.
We use the icon to indicate that there is a larger image.
We use the icon to indicate that there is a short write-up about the product.
Both of these can be accessed by clicking the title of the product.

You Sell More Than Books Don't You?

We sell many different types of product. You can find them by clicking the links at the top of the Home page or by selecting what you are looking for (Books, Decks, Sidelines, etc) from the drop-down box under our logo on the Product Catalogue pages.

How Many Crystals Do I Need To Buy At One Time?

Crystals retailing for less than $15.00 each must be bought in sets of 6.

How Do I Sign In?

Under the Search field, click 'Sign In' to be taken to the log-in page.
Remember that your Username is your account number with us, which you can see on our invoices.
Your password was mailed to you when you were set up for on-line ordering. You can call us for a reminder of it at any time and we can change the password for you, provided it is 6-characters long and is a combination of letters and numbers.

How Much Is The Minimum Order?

Our minimum order value is $100 net (approximately $170 retail, on books). Orders lower than this will receive a 20% discount.

How Do I Change The Quantities On My Web Order?

When you click 'Add To Cart' a quantity of 1 is added to the order in your cart. To increase this quantity, make the change and then click 'Update Your Shopping Cart' at the bottom of the screen.

To remove an item from your cart, click 'Remove' to the right of the item and then click 'Update Your Shopping Cart'.

What If Dempsey Has None Available And None On Order?

The title may not yet be published or you may have caught us mid-ordering cycle. If you order the item we will order it from the publisher in our next purchase order.

How Do I Pay For My Order?

You will pay for your order in the normal way associated with your account. You do not have to pay for your order before closing your Shopping Cart.

Will My Backorders Be Shipped With My Web Order?

Any titles we now have in stock and allocated to you will be shipped with your web order.

Can I Create My Order Over A Period Of Time?

Your cart stays open as long as you wish. You can come back to it another day and add items to it until you reach the $100 net minimum order (remember that prices listed are Canadian Retail).

Can I See If My Order Has Shipped?

The day after you are first set up you will be able to see your Dempsey order history (back to 2005) when you are logged in and click on 'Account'. 'Show Details' will let you know what you ordered and what has been shipped to date.

How Do ISBN10s Differ From ISBN13s?

The last number (or 'X') of each ISBN10 is a check digit, which verifies that the number is a true ISBN, based on a mathematical algorithm. The same thing applies to ISBN13. Therefore, you cannot simply remove the first 3-digits of a 13-digit ISBN to get a 10-digit ISBN.