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Sacred Love Meditations (CD)

CDN Retail: $24.00
Product Code: SV004436
Author: Ceiba, Mirabai
Vendor: Spirit Voyage Music



Mirabai Ceiba's latest release is truly the music of lovers. This album features the musical interplay of the duo Mirabai Ceiba, their voices interweaving with a play of the masculine and feminine while their instruments follow suit. Angelika's harp is wrapped in the warmth of Markus's beautiful guitar.

The breathtaking music on this album is built around six meditations to take you to a place in your heart where you are able give and receive love. These meditations are designed for couples with instructions, but also include variations for the individual who wants to open themselves up to love. On this album they are supported by a line-up of world-renowned musicians who bring an incredible depth and breadth to the music.