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Crystal Bowl Healing 2012 (CD)

CDN Retail: $21.50
Product Code: IP8052
Author: Halpern, Steven
Vendor: Inner Peace


  Crystal Bowl Healing 2012 the beautifully remastered CD by Steve Halpern, offers healing music, chakra music, relaxation music and singing bowl music with Crystal Tones bowls. It features Crystal Tones classic frosted, clear, Egyptian Blue, Aqua, 24-K Gold and 'tuning fork' bowls, orchestrated into a meditative tapestry.

Your journey begins with an invocation recorded inside the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, and continues through a sequence of individual and multiple crystal bowls. Additional compositions combine the sounds of the bowls with etherean space music.

Plus, Crystal Bowl Healing 2012 Remastered CD has been remastered for greater sonic richness, and includes about twenty minutes of newly recorded music.

Quartz crystal bowls are powerful and transformative sound healing instruments. Their pure tones physically resonate the cells and tissues in our body, which are themselves crystalline in nature. In addition to classic frosted and clear bowls, Crystal Bowl Healing 2012 Remastered features Crystal Tones proprietary gem and precious metal infused bowls, including the Aqua 24-K Gold and Egyptian Blue bowl, inspired by a 3300 year old Egyptian Temple bowl. The bowls are showcased on their own, and also as a subtle symphony in concert with Steven's ethereal keyboards.

Play along with your own bowl, or go 'crystal bowling' with friends, especially powerful on full moon nights.