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Awakened Earth (CD)

CDN Retail: $24.00
Product Code: SV004282
Author: Mirabai Ceiba
Vendor: Spirit Voyage Music


  Markus and Angelika have done it again! With Awakened Earth, their music has flourished to brighter, broader and yet deeper places in the sacred music spectrum. Opening with the hauntingly beautiful sound of the duduk, the album continues on to astonish you with its rich layers of beauty. Angelika's sweet, soaring voice glides in such simple and evocative harmony with Markus' gentle rich singing.

This is the second musical partnership with producer Jamshied Sharifi, and like the first, A Hundred Blessings, this album invites you to a magical exploration of the undiscovered worlds that music can lead you into. With amazing guest performances from Yoed Nir on cello, Anders Bostr÷m on flute, Roubik Aroutiounian on duduk, Megan Gould on violin and viola, the musicianship on this album is unparalleled. The intertwining of Markus' guitar and Angelika's harp carries their signature sound through this album, with Jamshied's keyboards, accordion and bass creating rich textures throughout the music.