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Inner Guide to Egypt
A Mystical Journey Through Time and Consciousness

CDN Retail: $24.95
Product Code: 9780738718750
Author: Richardson, Alan & Walker-John, B.
Vendor: Llewellyn Worldwide


  The Inner Guide to Egypt is both a tantalizing tour of Egyptian culture and a unique tool for spiritual enrichment, guiding you on a self-initiation into the Egyptian Mysteries. This rich system for spiritual development uses the Nile as a metaphor for astral travel. As you journey along this river of consciousness to visit sacred sites, you will discover how each site corresponds to physiological and psychological functions within.

Guided meditations and visualization exercises enliven this ancient tradition, inviting you to explore shamanism, deities, gods, and goddesses, burial rites, hieroglyphics, the Great Pyramids and Ka, the Egyptian concept of soul.