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Secret Doors of the Qabala

CDN Retail: $21.50
Product Code: 9781888767490
Author: Andrews, Ted
Vendor: Dragon Hawk


  Ted Andrews was on the first ever to simplify Qabalistic teachings with his mest-selling classic Simplified Magic - A Beginner's Guide. Later he made Qabalistic pathworking truly understandable and workable for all with his best-selling More Simplified Magic.

Secret Doors of the Qabala provides innovative and powerful ways for tapping the magic and mysteries of the Tree of Life. He shows how each of us can become a living Tree of Life - unique and powerful in all we do!

With this detailed and practical book you can:

  • learn the secret of opening the mind to your greatest potentials and powers
  • discover secret knowledge of yourself and the world
  • waken your true magical self through Sacred Masks of the Sephiroth
  • open to Higher Illumination and Initiation through Magical Dance, and
  • explore the wonders and magic of Hidden Paths on the Tree of Life.