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Drum Spirit (CD)

CDN Retail: $21.50
Product Code: IP8028
Author: Halpern, Steven
Vendor: Inner Peace


  Another excellent addition to Steven Halpern's healing music canon, Drum Spirit takes the enticing Halpern recipe - heartbeat-paced rhythms, soothing synthesizers - and adds a touch of Native American ambience in the form of flutes, rattles and other tribal percussion. The effect is entrancing, creating a warm feeling of peace that flows throughout the whole body.

Artists featured on the CD include Steven Halpern (grand piano, Native American flute, atmospheric keyboards and synth bass), Jorge Alfano (Andean flute and shakuhachi), grammy nominee AmoChip Dabney (bass and sax) and Sundance Society Peace Chief Sonne Reyna (medicine drum and rattle).

Drum Spirit take you to that place where you don't just hear the music - you become the music!