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Yatri (CD)

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Product Code: WS0057
Author: Joshua, Prem
Vendor: White Swan



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In the vast scope of his musical expressions, Prem Joshua, himself a yatri (traveler) beyond musical traditions, creates an inspired collection of songs reflecting his deep love affair with India.

Yatri represents Prem Joshua's continuing discoveries gleaned from over 20 years of traveling through India. The album's easygoing, exotic, jazzy vibe reveals a natural openness to the wisdom gained from the simple pleasure of travel, and the friends and experiences gained along the way.

Inspired by bus rides through Bali, a guru's teachings, Indian fables or a dancer's subtle expression, these songs swing effortlessly between East and West. Featuring artists whose backgrounds are as diverse as their musical input, yatri is a fine example of true international cooperation.

Through the ages, people have heeded a calling to sacred places within and without. They embark on their voyage with the understanding that the path is as important as the destination. In the East, this journey is called Yatra (pilgrimage). If you feel this call, let Yatri be your travel companion.