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Water Down Ganges (CD)

CDN Retail: $22.00
Product Code: WS00462
Author: Joshua, Prem
Vendor: White Swan



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The River Ganges plays an integral role in India's everyday culture and spirituality. This watery ribbon feeds the land and cleanses the souls of millions on its winding journey from the Himalayas to the sea.Inspired by the legendary river's mythic power, world travelers and long-time collaborators Prem Joshua and Manish Vyas, east-west alchemists of the highest order, invite you to take a trip down your "inner Ganges." Imbued with rich images of the East, water down The Ganges flows languidly from lush meditative ambience into rhythmic celebration of the great river of life. Disciples of some of India's most respected master musicians, Joshua and Manish present this masterfully crafted recording, a perfect balance between acoustic clarity and electronic boldness. Just as one never stands in the same river twice, Water down The Ganges offers a refreshingly new experience with each listen.