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Sounds of Light (CD)
The Pure Tones of Crystal Singing Bowls

CDN Retail: $21.95
Product Code: CV111
Author: Van Dyke & Farnsworth
Vendor: Crystal Voices


  Sounds of Light provides a mystical river of sound that takes the listener into the tone-world of crystal singing bowls, calling forth the soul's deep note within and summoning ancient memories. These entrancing harmonics offer powerful vibrational therapy for relaxation, meditation and creative expression.

Used extensively by massage therapists, Reiki practitioners and yoga instructors to provide a healing background for their practice, Sounds of Light facilitates

  • the release of tension and stress
  • an alpha wave state of consciousness
  • a stillness of mind for meditation
  • balancing and harmonization of the chakras.

Produced without addition of layers of studio production, this live recording comes highly recommended because it ensures that the sounds you experience are the pure, unaltered sine waves of the crystal bowls.