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Coastal Chime - Glass, Sea Horse

CDN Retail: $36.50
Product Code: WC-WCGSH
Author: Woodstock Chimes
Vendor: Woodstock Chimes



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Tuned to an intriguing ancient pentatonic scale which lifts the spirit and creates a feeling of ease, this Habitats Chime celebrates the variety of the surrounding sea. Seahorses are fascinating creatures, and often referenced in fantasy stories. Unlike most fish, they don't have scales, but possess swim bladders to help them remain buoyant in the water. The seahorse is a symbol of good luck and is often used as a spiritual reminder to remain grounded and steady, even when the world feels like a turbulent ocean. Our Habitats Chimes easily inhabit both indoor and outdoor settings and help those in earshot to be in balance with their environment.

This charming chime features a beautiful clear glass sea horse ornament windcatcher.

  • Dimensions: 22 inches - Diameter: 4 in.
  • Materials: White wash finish ash wood
  • 5 silver aluminum tubes
  • Glass windcatcher with painted accent