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What's Your Soul Sign? (June 2021)
Astrology for Waking Up, Transforming and Living a High-Vibe Life

CDN Retail: $22.99
Product Code: 9781401962296
Author: Frank, Debbie
Vendor: Hay House



Renowned astrologer to the stars, Debbie Frank, offers a unique and accessible guide on how to read your birth chart to find your true purpose and reveal who you really are on a soul level.

In this book, Debbie Frank gives us access to her years of knowledge and expertise to help us unlock our soul mission. What's Your Soul Sign? will take you on a journey of self-knowledge, showing you the meaning of each celestial point and planet in your birth chart, and will explain how to find and connect to your soul tribe.

Debbie gives you the tools to see your birth chart as a map for your soul journey. You'll find out how to enhance your work, relationships and creative inspiration through a deeper understanding of your soul and the soul contracts you have with others. This book will guide you through the meaning of specific angles, planets, asteroids and points in your chart. You'll look at Chiron - the asteroid that helps you heal - and discover how you can use astrology to alleviate distress and guide you through uncertain times in life. Through understanding your birth chart, you can connect to your soul, find your true purpose and discover the answers you've been looking for.