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Power of Holy Language to Change Your Life (6 CD's) (November 2020)

CDN Retail: $90.99
Product Code: 9781683646860
Author: Myss, Caroline
Vendor: Sounds True



According to spiritual teacher Caroline Myss, if you want to connect with guidance, you need to speak a language that is infused with grace - what she calls "holy language." It is the language you speak when you need the support and wisdom of the divine. In the depths of the dark night, when you are overwhelmed by despair, this is the language that links you to strength and healing.

With The Power of Holy Language to Change Your Life, Myss examines different kinds of holy expression and explains how you can use them to initiate immense personal change. As a longtime explorer of the frontiers of energetic healing and human potential, Myss has thoroughly investigated the power of prayer for personal healing and deep spiritual inquiry. Here she shares an insight that is one part revelation and one part challenge: when you move past your conditioned hesitation and embrace language that undeniably brings light to the world, the stance you take in life changes completely.

With her signature insight and fiery conviction, Myss examines why modern society considers some concepts to be holy and yet has abandoned others - some of which we desperately need to revive. No matter how you give voice to the sacred, The Power of Holy Language to Change Your Life will guide you in how to summon the transcendent and transformative into every aspect of your being.