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Life of Meaning (8CD's) (December 2020)
Exploring Our Deepest Questions and Motivations

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Product Code: 9781683646167
Author: Hollis, James
Vendor: Sounds True



What is it that brings meaning to your life? The common cultural mythology tells us to seek wealth, power, prestige, or even enrollment in someone else's idea of a worthy cause - yet where do we turn when these myths fail to fulfill our need for purpose? "Perhaps our most elusive yet important source of guidance is the soul's drive for meaning," teaches James Hollis. "If what we are doing is right for our soul, no matter how perilous the path, we are supported from within and our suffering, our investment, our uncertainty is rewarded with purposefulness."

In A Life of Meaning, this masterful author presents a profound audio exploration of the many ways we orient our values and define priorities throughout our lives. Organized around a set of twenty guiding questions and created with the powerful self-inquiry tools of depth psychology, these eight sessions help you investigate the defining stories you absorbed in the formative years of childhood, conscious and unconscious choices made during adolescence and early adulthood, the opportunities and crises that arise during the critical "middle passages" as old scripts and ideas fail - and ultimately, the ways you can reconfigure your life at any stage to come into alignment with your soul's abiding quest for meaning.