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Embracing Your Boundless Heart (4CD's) (December 2020)
Cultivating Lovingkindness, Gratitude, and Joy

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Product Code: 9781683646600
Author: Salzberg, Sharon
Vendor: Sounds True



Have you ever found yourself struggling with anger, despair, or worry, and then someone shared a few kind words or a simple smile... that changed everything?

Love, for ourselves and for others, can transform our lives. Yet, it takes courage to open our hearts - and it also takes practice. With this complete audio learning program, Sharon Salzberg is here to help us.

Through insightful and inspiring teachings, including sixteen guided practices, listeners will learn to break out of separation and numbness, to experience greater kindness within and with others. This program leads us there through the four life-changing virtues taught by the Buddha: lovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity.

In countless moments, opportunities arise for us to ignore our suffering or to support ourselves, to envy another's joy or to resonate with them, to turn away or to connect. Embracing Your Boundless Heart opens the way for us to amplify love in ourselves and with our families, co-workers, communities, and even to those we struggle with the most.

This program was originally presented in Tricycle magazine's online course Boundless Heart.