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Mindfulness Chime - Large

CDN Retail: $168.50
Product Code: WC-WMCL
Author: Woodstock Chimes
Vendor: Woodstock Chimes



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With its soothing tuning, our Mindfulness Chime inspires one to be attentive to the surroundings, leading always back to the present moment and allowing the mind to become calm and focused. Bringing awareness of thoughts, feelings and environment into everything we do can be transformative and can lead to innovative solutions to problems that seemed insurmountable. With roots in Buddhist meditation, the practice of mindfulness is often used to reduce stress and improve one's physical and mental health. May our Mindfulness Chime help your customers achieve a peaceful, serene home.

  • Removable windcatcher for easy customization.
  • Dimensions: 44 in. Overall Length
  • Material: Teak finish ash wood, 9 silver aluminum tubes, silk-screened removable windcatcher for easy customization

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