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Boy Who Knew Too Much (Hardcover)
An Astounding True Story of a Young Boy's Past-Life Memories

CDN Retail: $27.99
Product Code: 9781401953423
Author: Byrd Haupt, Cathy
Vendor: Hay House



This is a powerful and inspirational story about a young baseball prodigy who, at the age of two, began sharing vivid memories of being a baseball player in the 1920s and 1930s. Christian Haupt described historical facts about Lou Gehrig that he could not have possibly known at the time. The Boy Who Knew Too Much delves into the mystery of life and will inspire even the greatest skeptics to consider the possibility that love never dies. A riveting tale of a talented young boy with a love for the game and the natural talent to go along with it. More importantly, it is a story of how a mother's love can defy all logic and move mountains.