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Wild Women, Wild Voices
Writing from Your Authentic Wildness

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Product Code: 9781608682959
Author: Reeves, Judy
Vendor: New World Library



In her years as a writing coach, Judy Reeves has found twin urges in women. They yearn to reclaim a true nature obscured by traditional roles and to write about, through, and beyond this process. Reeves herself experienced this need, which informed her most popular workshop and now this workshop in a book.

Reeve focuses consecutively on the cycles that make up a woman's life, from Wild Child, Mother/Sister/Daughter, and Loves and Lovers to explorations of creative work, friendship communities, and how the Wise Woman encounters death.

Intensely practical, Wild Women, Wild Voices answers common female needs and wants with specific and inspiring activities, exercises, and writing prompts. With true empathy, Reeves offers women permission and instruction on "going wild" with joyful purpose.