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Thousand Suns CD

CDN Retail: $24.00
Product Code: SV004429
Author: GuruGanesha Band with Paloma Devi
Vendor: Spirit Voyage Music



Imagine a great world beat concert - the whole room throbbing with sinuous grooves and mesmerizing tonal colors from all over the globe. Now imagine an uplifting evening of kirtan - devotional chanting. Feel yourself being led deeper and deeper into the blissful heart of ancient mantras by a group of experienced kirtan wallahs, a convocation of beautiful souls who have long trodden the spiritual path. This is what it's like to experience the GuruGanesha Band in concert.

The group is led by world devotional music pioneer GuruGanesha Singh, renowned for his work with singers Snatam Kaur, Tina Malia and Nirinjan Kaur; widely respected as the founder of Spirit Voyage records. An avuncular figure in turban, kurta and long white beard, GuruGanesha handles his guitars with easygoing mastery, bouncing trippy, inventive, melodic leads off the ceiling and casting polyrhythmic glitter all over the grooves.