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Modern Witchcraft Astrology (Hardcover) (January 2023)
Your Complete Guide to Empowering Your Magick with the Energy of the Planets

CDN Retail: $22.99
Product Code: 9781507220153
Author: Halina Hadas, Julia
Vendor: Adams Media



Witchcraft meets astrology in this comprehensive guide to the power of the planets tailored specifically for witches so you can incorporate the celestial study into your spellcasting and magical rituals.

This guide to astrology was written just for witches, with information to help you understand how the positions of the celestial bodies can affect your magic and spellcraft - and how you can use that understanding to strengthen your magic by becoming in tune with the planets.

The Modern Witchcraft Book of Astrology includes expert information on the magical energies and correspondences for the astrological seasons, the planets, asteroids, and other celestial bodies, and the houses so you can understand how you can time your magick to be as powerful and effective as possible. This book also contains tons of spells to try, organized by the astrological season so you have powerful magick to choose from at every point in the wheel of the year.