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Go Big Now (April 2021)
8 Essential Mindset Practices to Overcome Any Obstacle and Reach Your Goals

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Product Code: 9781608687343
Author: Pimsleur, Julia
Vendor: New World Library



In her international work as a business coach and speaker, Julia Pimsleur has worked with thousands of high achievers, and she polled them to discover their greatest challenges - getting the right skillset, having the right network, mastering their mindset? The overwhelming response was that mindset was the greatest challenge. But what exactly is a mindset, and is it possible to learn how to have a powerful one?

In Go Big Now, Pimsleur distills two decades of studying complex mindset practices into eight simple "mindset keys" that can be used by anyone to achieve ambitious professional and personal goals. These practices include ways to overcome fear and reframe perceived setbacks; uproot unhelpful thoughts and limiting beliefs; and create powerful mental images of one's ideal self in action. Each key is illustrated by an illuminating example from a leader, CEO, or celebrity whose mindset catapulted them to success. Pimsleur has taught these techniques to thousands and used them to raise venture capital, build a multimillion-dollar company, work through the end of a marriage, and reinvent her own career. With a humorous and relatable style, Pimsleur empowers readers to transform aspirational thoughts into life-changing results.