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Sacred Hags Oracle Deck (April 2021)
Visionary Guidance for Dreamers, Witches, and Wild Hearts

CDN Retail: $58.00
Product Code: 9781608686797
Author: Dulsky, Danielle & Houseman, Janine
Vendor: New World Library



People have always sought insight, inspiration, and advice from oracles, especially in times of confusion and crisis. The oracle is a portal, an intermediary between the seeker and deep wisdom. The wise hag archetype is found in traditions around the world and throughout time because of the hag's unique, multifaceted power. Melding the techniques of tarot and animal spirit cards with the wisdom of earth, feminine power, and Witchcraft traditions, this innovative deck can be consulted by novices and the well-versed alike. The four suits of this oracle - sacred hags, seasons, stories, and spells - complement and build upon one another. As users explore the relationships between the 56 gorgeously illustrated cards, resonances with their own lives emerge and illuminate their experience of the world. The accompanying book provides a trove of background and use information, making for a wonder-filled addition to an existing practice or a powerful stand-alone path to insight and inspiration.

Includes 56 cards and 160-page booklet. Card Size: 7 in x 5 in.