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Connection (Hardcover) (April 2021)
How to Find the Life You're Looking for in the Life You Have

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Product Code: 9781683647157
Author: Klussman, Kristine
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We are in the midst of an epidemic of loneliness. Though modern technology purports to "connect" us like never before, we live increasingly isolated and insulated lives, painfully disconnected from each other, from our values, and from ourselves. Indeed, almost 70 percent of Americans report they don't have a single person they can confide in.

Rooted in established scientific findings, as well as her own expertise and clinical experience, Klussman's approach to well-being is simple and transformative. Klussman shows us that the way to achieve true happiness and fulfillment is not by striving toward them at all, but rather by cultivating connection in our everyday lives. As Klussman says, "Happiness is what we are all chasing, but connection, meaning, and a sense of purpose are the cravings that actually fulfill us, and lead to enduring life satisfaction."

Connection brings readers an eye-opening and actionable guide that teaches how to nurture your own self-knowledge and integrity - and how to use that knowledge to cultivate a life rich with meaning and purpose. With Connection, you will discover how to connect with yourself and everyone you relate to in a deeper and more significant way.