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Monkey Mind Meditation Deck (February 2020)
30 Fun Ways for Kids to Chill Out, Tune In, and Open Up

CDN Retail: $23.95
Product Code: 9781611807455
Author: Kanjuro, Carolyn & Vidal, A.
Vendor: Shambhala



Help your child become more focused, calm, and capable of dealing with overwhelming emotions. The Monkey Mind Meditation Deck explores the playful and powerful qualities of animals and nature to inspire your child to discover the same qualities in themselves and others. Vibrant images from illustrator Alexander Vidal are paired with key phrases and short meditations or activities to help children learn about themselves without judgment. By getting to know the impulses that give rise to their actions, children can become empowered to make choices that truly serve them best.

The deck includes a short booklet explaining the various ways to use the cards and additional notes to tailor the meditations and activities to meet the needs of your child. Encourage playful discovery to help your child learn how to be a captain of their own ship, appreciate the present moment, and venture outside their cocoon. The cards will help your child cultivate a safe inner space to handle life's ups and downs, release tension and anxiety, and maintain the emotional freedom needed to explore their unique gifts as they navigate an increasingly complex world.