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Lessons From Grace
What a Baby Taught Me about Living and Loving

CDN Retail: $24.99
Product Code: 9789386832818
Author: Girish, Uma
Vendor: Hay House



When Uma, a forty-something mother of a college sophomore, was asked to nanny her friends' daughter, Grace, little did she know that she was about to begin an extraordinary journey.

A baby arrives here as a pure being. Not yet marked by cultural and social conditioning, they bring a sense of sacredness to our lives. This was the author's experience. Through Grace, she is reminded of what is truly important in her life. More importantly, she also learns to navigate an increasingly complex world using the values of simplicity, joy, and presence - as babies do.

Watching Grace brings her many lessons, like how the baby surrenders her entire being to a multicolored rattle by living in the present. The author relearns the art of living by aligning with the values this baby teaches her.

The sublime prose of this book will shift your world view and encourage you to be present to the magic of everyday life as you reconnect with the simple but profound treasures of curiosity and wonder.