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I Can Cook Vegan (Hardcover) (October 2019)

CDN Retail: $37.99
Product Code: 9781419732416
Author: Moskowitz, Isa Chandra
Vendor: Abrams Books


Isa Chandra Moskowitz is the undisputed queen of vegan home cooking. Her readers turn to her for recipes that work, whether they're looking for cupcakes that adhere to their diet, or comforting Thanksgiving dinners that taste as satisfying as their childhood memories.

With I Can Cook Vegan, Moskowitz offers recipes designed to help inspire people to kick their meat habits, improve digestion, and become all-around better citizens of the world. The book includes shopping lists, achievable goals, cheerleading, and extensive FAQs, all written in Moskowitz's inimitable voice and style. In this book Moskowitz wants to get vegans to start cooking more so that they can worry less about what they can and cannot eat. The first step: When someone invites you to dinner, bring something delicious, and share it.