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Feeding You Lies (February 2020)
How to Unravel the Food Industry's Playbook and Reclaim Your Health

CDN Retail: $23.99
Product Code: 9781401954567
Author: Hari, Vani
Vendor: Hay House



Feeding You Lies guides readers on a journey of how to eat foods that truly fill us with nutrients, while discussing the untruths and deceptive practices by food companies, lobbyists, and even our own government to push profit over health. Through this journey, however, readers will discover how to avoid the deceptions and achieve the health of their dreams in the process. Ms. Hari unmasks:

  • How processing forces vital nutrients from our food
  • The scandalous cover-ups by the sugar industry to deflect the deadly health risks of sugar, away from sugar to dietary fat
  • The propaganda geared to position popular sodas as healthy treats
  • How food companies pay millions of dollars to fitness and nutrition experts to promote GMO-loaded foods and processed foods as good for your health.
  • Food marketing hoaxes such as low-calorie and fat-free
  • "Diet foods" designed to keep us fat
  • Synthetic fortification of food to make products appear healthier than they really are
  • The fake news and fake science we're fed by a food industry-biased press, social media, and advertisers to entice us to eat more junk food
  • and more!

In every chapter, readers are given quick attainable actions for living their lives without preservatives, natural and artificial sweeteners, GMOs, additives food dyes, fillers, and more. You'll end your sugar and processed food addictions, lose pound after pound, never diet again, and rejuvenate your energy levels, mental fitness, and your overall well-being.