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Angel Experiment (October 2019)
A 21-Day Magical Adventure to Heal Your Life

CDN Retail: $22.50
Product Code: 9781608686254
Author: Grillo, Corin
Vendor: New World Library


When a friend offered Corin Grillo a session of angel healing, Grillo was doubtful. But she was also a burnt-out psychotherapist, guilt-ridden about how little time and energy she had for her daughter, depressed, threatened with foreclosure and, drinking too much. Grillo walked out of that initial reading with renewed energy and calm, and hope. She resolved to keep talking to and studying angels. The results Grillo saw in herself were undeniable, and she began offering her 21-day workshop to others, any remaining skepticism on her part was gone.

Here are inspiring stories of healing, finances improving, and addictions vanishing. Grillo offers a variety of techniques for various life challenges and the specific angels to be approached. Her down-to-earth spiritual wisdom shows that anyone, believer or skeptic, can tap into a power just waiting for us to ask.