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The Japanese Art of Embracing the Imperfect and Loving Your Flaws

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Author: Navarro, Tom s
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When we lose a person our love, a job, or our health, it can feel like a precious piece of ourselves falling to the ground and shattering. But in the Japanese art of kintsugi, that's where the creation of beauty begins. Psychologist T. Navarro encourages us to approach our lives in the same way.

Everyone faces suffering, but how we engage with our troubles and heal our emotional wounds can make all the difference. Rather than conceal our repairs, what if we embraced them - and looked to them as proofs of our strength?

With Kintsugi, Navarro presents a sensitive and contemplative approach to the suffering that he's seen in his professional practice and in his own life. His reflections help us to engage with our tragedies and challenges - transmuting them into sources of strength. Through gentle stories, practices, and insights, readers gain deeper perspective and courage in the face of life's inevitable crises, heartbreaks, and losses.