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Illuminated Hafiz (Hardcover)
Love Poems for the Journey to Light

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Product Code: 9781683643425
Author: Hafiz, & Green, Michael
Vendor: Sounds True



Rarely do we encounter poetry that ignites and intoxicates the soul. The Illuminated Hafiz is a celebration of how even now, this Persian mystic remains one of the most beloved poets in the world.

The Illuminated Hafiz presents selections from the master's alluring works as they've never been seen before-merging translations from Coleman Barks, Robert Bly, Omid Safi, and other mystics and scholars with evocative art by Michael and Saliha Green. This inspiring collection also contains short commentaries on Hafiz and the significance of his work, as well as a glossary explaining his imagery and subtle use of language.

A contemporary take on classical illuminated manuscripts, The Illuminated Hafiz reveals why Hafiz's verse endures as timeless spiritual guidance in the Middle East, and why his sublime words of light continue to grow in popularity in the West and throughout the world.