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Kuan Yin Transmission (4 CD Set) (June 2019)

CDN Retail: $45.95
Product Code: 9780738763064
Author: Fairchild, Alana & Hao, Zeng
Vendor: Blue Angel


Awaken Kuan Yin's light within you and shine it into your life and into the world. Open your heart and take the journey of your blessed, beautiful life. Experience the Kuan Yin transmission and reinforce your connection with the sacred feminine with this wonderful 4-CD set from bestselling author Alana Fairchild. The messages of these CDs can be used for spiritual contemplation and for divining for yourself and others.

Surrender into beautiful music and the soothing vocals of spiritual teacher Alana Fairchild, be aligned with the frequencies of the sacred feminine and be supported as you awaken into truth, expression and purpose. The Kuan Yin Transmission has been lovingly created to open you to the sanctuary and bliss that have and always will be available to you.

  • DISC 1: Music and Mantra with the Universal Mother
  • DISC 2: Guided Empowerments with the Universal Mother
  • DISC 3: Guided Activation of the Divine Feminine Essence
  • DISC 4: Guided Healing Meditations with the Universal Mother