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Get Over It
Thought Therapy for Healing the Hard Stuff

CDN Retail: $23.99
Product Code: 9781401954642
Author: Vanzant, Iyanla
Vendor: Hay House



Today, many of us face fears, struggle with tragedies, and confront anxiety. In the face of such pervasive human suffering, Iyanla Vanzant challenges us: What if it's not them; what if it's you? Because no matter how much we like to blame people and circumstances beyond our control, the truth is staggeringly simple: anything and everything we experience is a function of what and how we think.

In Get Over It! Iyanla offers a unique spiritual technology called "thought therapy," a process that harnesses proven spiritual tools with the science of neuroplasticity. The 42 prayers and affirmations, and energy-clearing tools at the heart of the thought therapy process are designed to neutralize and eliminate the unconscious, soul-destroying dominant negative thought patterns (DNTPs) and discordant emotional energies, allowing you to get life-affirming choices.