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Good Night Sleep Kit (Hardcover With Cards And CD)

CDN Retail: $29.95
Product Code: 1401905218
Author: Chopra, Deepak
Vendor: Hay House


  The Good Night Sleep Kit, with Dr. Deepak Chopra, is the essential toolbox for those of you who are battling insomnia, yearning for more restful sleep, or who simply wish to maximize your energy during waking hours. The kit provides dynamic content, practical tips, and helpful tools to help you draw greater energy and rest from your body during its most prolonged restful period - sleep.

The content is packaged as practical tips printed on stylized cards with an accompanying booklet that will lead you through the cards. A simple body type test will help you individualize the kit, understanding characteristics and applying remedies that are unique to your specific body type. Also elegantly packaged within the kit comes aromatherapy oil, carefully selected for their homeopathic sleep inducing aromas. Finally included is a meditation CD and dream journal - practical tools to aid users through the experience of rest and relaxation.

Drawing from Dr. Chopra?s intensive background in Eastern and Western thought, medicine, lifestyle, and spirituality, The Good Night Sleep Kit integrates a careful selection of individually tailored content and products to ensure that every user will achieve the richness that comes with a full night of restful sleep.