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Llewellyn's 2025 Witches' Companion
Community Connection Belonging

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Product Code: 9780738772028
Author: Llewellyn
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Now featuring more articles than ever, Llewellyn's 2025 Witches' Companion makes it easy to stay on top of the trends in today's Pagan and Witchcraft communities. Packed with advice from prominent practitioners and hands-on tips to fortify your magical prowess, this inclusive almanac provides nearly thirty articles exploring the forefront of contemporary magic.

  • Coming Out to Your Non-Witchy Friends
  • Befriending Deities
  • Climate Change and Paganism
  • The Wheel of the Year for Modern Witches
  • Avoiding Scams for Spiritual Services
  • Rituals to Honor Military Service People
  • Magickally Responsible Travel
  • Morning Coffee with the Ancestors
  • Finding the Spiritual Side of a Fight
  • Witchcraft's Human Element in the Age of AI
  • This year's edition includes spells, rituals, projects, and advice from some of the most popular Witch and Pagan writers: Elizabeth Barrette, Emily Carlin, Autumn Damiana, Lilith Dorsey, Emma Kathryn, Phoenix LeFae, Najah Lightfoot, Kate Freuler, Dodie Graham McKay, Ari & Jason Mankey, Melanie Marquis, Diana Rajchel, Stephanie Rose Bird, Michelle Skye, Tess Whitehurst, Laura Tempest Zakroff

Includes lunar information for spellwork and rituals