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Multifaith Wall Calendar 2021
Living Legacies

CDN Retail: $15.95
Product Code: 9781777125202
Author: Multifaith Action Society
Vendor: Multifaith Action Society



What do we want to leave our children? Do we want to leave polluted air, ravaged forests, dying oceans and toxic garbage dumps, or do we want to clean up our act and create natural beauty and wonder in every landscape? Do we want to leave a world in conflict or a world that values peace, cooperation, and respect? How do we create living legacies for our children, friends, neighbours to inherit and cherish?

Let's think about and imagine the living legacies we could leave - so our children can walk freely in nature, grow food in their own back yards, swim in pristine oceans, and foster enduring respect and love for our communities as well as each other no matter the culture or creed and ensure that we extend dignity and respect for all.

Printed in full colour on recycled paper and measuring approximately 12.5" x 9.5", our 12 month wall Calendar adds visual appeal and interest to any office or home... and makes a perfect gift for colleagues, friends and family!