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God Delusion

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Author:Dawkins, Richard
Vendor: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

  In this provocative must-read, the preeminent scientist - and worldÆs most prominent atheist - Richard Dawkins asserts the irrationality of belief in God and the grievous harm religion has inflicted on society, from the Crusades to 9/11.

The God Delusion makes a compelling case that belief in God is not just wrong, but potentially deadly. It also offers exhilarating insight on the advantages of atheism to the individual and society, not the least of which is a clearer, truer appreciation of the universeÆs wonders than any faith could ever muster. With rigor and wit, Dawkins eviscerates the major arguments for religion and demonstrates the supreme improbability of a supreme being. He shows how religion fuels war, foments bigotry, and abuses children, buttressing his points with historical and contemporary evidence.

This is a book that challenges all of us to test our beliefs, no matter what beliefs we hold.