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Explorer Race: ET Visitors Speak Vol. 2

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Author:Shapiro, Robert & Zoosh
Vendor: Light Technology

  For those of you who have always wanted to meet somebody completely different, here is your opportunity. ET Visitors Speak Vol. 2 contains the continuing adventures of visitors to planet Earth. In a strange sense, you might include yourself as one of these, as humans do not really claim the title of full-time, permanent Earth citizens. So when youÆre reading this book, think about it as if you were visiting from another planet.

What would you say in reaction to the local population - their habits and so on? Put yourself in the picture so this isnÆt just a meaningless travel log from various beings you donÆt know and may never meet. Make it personal this time, because the time is coming - maybe even in your lifetime - when you might just meet one of those extraterrestrials on another planet. So you might as well practice now and get your lines down right.

ET Visitors Include:

  • ET from a Future Version of Saturn (ET Greeters to Future Mars Earth Colony)
  • Tuwass, a Visitor to Future Earth (Harmony Is a Way of Life on Future Earth)
  • Jemet from Pleiades (A Pleidian Visit with the Ice People of Earth)
  • Visitor from Planet Odin (Odin, the Norse God; How the Myth Began)
  • The Sound of Breath (Individual-Specific Communion among Human Beings)
  • ET Visitor from Ganymede (An Ancient Visitor to Planet Earth)
  • ET Visitor from the Orb of Interconnectivity (The Key to Life)
  • Tsong Ti from the Pleiades (Earth Children Have It All Worked Out for You)
  • Time-Loop Traveler (Time-Loop Travel is the Travel of Your Dreams) Antiquarian, Pleiadian Teacher (You Are in the Final Stages of Preparation for Contact) ... and many, many more!