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Single Woman of a Certain Age
Romantic Escapades, Shifting Shapes, and Serene Independence

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Author:Ganah, Jane (EDT)
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  This timely book assembles a chorus of sophisticated, edgy, and humorous voices on the topic of being unmarried in one's prime. Far from being out to pasture, these writers zestily take on the challenges and enjoy the rewards of growing older as a single woman: sex (or not), occasional loneliness, single motherhood, second careers, menopause, critter comforts, and more. Joyce Maynard ("fifteen years divorced and pushing fifty with a short stick") tries online dating, Kathi Kamen Goldmark embraces her newly empty nest, Susan Griffin savors the joys of solo travel, Wendy Merrill dumps a younger lover to save her self-esteem, Diane Mapes prefers the joys of aunt hood over motherhood, Ms. Gonick dates a sexy (if uneducated) cowboy, and Rachel Toor finally finds the perfect companion - and he has four legs.

With humour and emotional honesty, these essays show how women learn to come into their own, bucking the realities of how society treats the older female who's alone. Swinging between desperation and optimism, bad moods and good grace, these 29 essays range from the mild to the wild, the glamorous to the mundane, each expressing the gifts and travails of going solo.