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Success Now Perpetual Flip Calendar (Hardcover)
A Calendar to Use Year after Year

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Author:Holden, Robert
Vendor: Hay House

  Have you got a vision? Do you enjoy your work? Are your relationships thriving?

From the book Success Intelligence come 366 inspirational insights on how to enjoy real, soulful success while living in a manic, busy and hyped-up world. Robert Holden is the creator of Success Intelligence, a unique program focusing on the true meaning of success.

Written with humour, warmth and clarity, this flip calendar, which can be used year after year, is an invaluable reminder for how to live joyfully in our hectic world where people are often too busy chasing success to be truly happy. Insights include:

  • January 8th - Success starts with showing up. To be successful you have to be willing to show the world who you are and what you believe in.
  • March 15th - Without vision, we can so easily confuse speed with progress, adrenaline with purpose, and urgency with importance.
  • August 6th - Are you having fun yet? Most of the time I don't have much fun, and the rest of the time I have no fun at all.
    - Woody Allen
  • November 5th - Leadership is not a qualification; it is simply the courage to be authentic and honest enough to tell the truth.

The Success Now Perpetual Flip Calendar will be your daily reminder to think about the true nature of success and to apply your best thinking to every domain of your life including your work, relationships, spirituality, finances, and your well-being.